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TekHattan Computer Support

TekHattan technicians provide support for all types of products including small to medium sized business networks, computers and laptops, mobile devices, and other electronics as well as to a variety of brands including PC, Apple, Android, and Linux.

Additionally, TekHattan also offers installation and management of both single server and multiple server networks. Technicians are Microsoft, Red Hat, and OS X certified and commits to the installation of all hardware as well as completion of any additional setup needed. In terms of management and support, TekHattan offers a comprehensive package including everything from physical cleanliness of hardware to the installation of anti-virus and anti-spyware software on all workstations and devices in the network. Data recovery and emergency contingency plans can also be provided.

Tekhattan Computer Support

On-Site Support

TekHattan offers a variety of on-site support services. These services cover a range of activities including installation and setup. TekHattan offers to set up both personal computers and laptops as well as printers and even home theatre systems. Technicians can also set up routers and troubleshoot issues with existing systems.

On-site support also includes computer repair and PC boosts thereby improving computer speed and overall functionality by removing up to fifteen gigabytes of unnecessary excess memory storage. Finally, Tekhattan also offers data backup on-site to CD’s, USB flash drives, or external hard drives as per client preference.

Remote Support

TekHattan also provides support remotely and over the telephone. One of the services offered is cloud set up and enabling cloud computing. TekHattan technicians will move data, including personal documents, photos, receipts, music, and movies, to a cloud system. The company claims to specialize in “only saving data that is irreplaceable” via their cloud services. This technology allows clients to access data where ever and whenever needed.

TekHattan also offers remote spyware and virus removal. Spyware removal pricing beings at $49 and can be initiated via live chat or phone call but offers to look at PC and Apple computers free of charge if no infection is found. Virus removal pricing also beings at $49 and includes the installation of both anti-virus and anti-spyware software in order to ensure that clients remain protected after servicing is complete.

Client Reviews

A single third party client review can be found on Yelp. This client was an individual seeking service on a custom-built PC computer in the evening on a Saturday. TekHattan provided two services technicians on-site the same evening and completed troubleshooting and diagnosis within 24 hours. The client emphasizes the flexible scheduling and focus on convenience, explaining that this customer oriented attitude made all the difference in her experience at TekHattan.

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