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TA PC Repair is a New York computer repair company that services a range of products including Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, IBM, Toshiba, and Gateway Compaq. They are equipped to handle both corporate networks as well as personal computer systems. TA PC Repair accepts and repairs a variety of networks and systems ranging from desktops to tablets to telephones. They are capable of handling a broad cross section of issues including removing malware and spyware, improving computer memory and speed, O/S and software installation services, and even cell phone repair. TA PC Repair guarantees express repair as well as competitive price points quoting same day or next day service for the majority of work. They also boast an impressive satisfaction guarantee and follow-up service in order to ensure client needs are met.

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Range of Services

TA PC Repair is equipped to troubleshoot, diagnose, and work to alleviate the following types of issues: upgrade and repair of hardware desktops; upgrade and repair of software; tower servers and works stations; personal laptops, notebooks, monitors, printers, and scanners; Windows and Apple operating system installation issues; on-site computer cleanups; on-site training; and network consulting.

Repair Services

Express Service

TA PC Repair boasts same day or next day services and claims to provide diagnostics and troubleshooting within forty-five minutes. As such, the company is familiar with urgent and emergent situations and remains committed to providing clients high quality results despite time constraints. The shop is open into the evening on weekdays and on Saturday in order to accommodate these types of requests. Technicians are also available to work on-site with clients in order to provide assessments and troubleshooting as well as repairs. Additionally, TA PC Repair offers training for clients, with both business and personal systems, both on-site and in the shop.

Client Reviews

The vast majority of clients express satisfaction with TA PC Repair, indicating that the owner often personally handles requests and takes the time to explain issues and potential routes for moving forward with clients. Additionally, most reviews cite the professionalism and proficiency of both in-house staff and on-site technicians. Both business owners and individuals have experienced success with TA PC Repair. However, a few reviews indicate a lapse in service or a higher price than anticipated. This is likely due to the nature of express repair services – which are often more expensive due to the nature and gravity of the issue at hand. In general, TA PC Repair is considered a high-quality establishment and one of very few in the area. Staff is said to be highly competent and helpful and client experience is positive on a whole.

TA PC Repair
(347) 242-3895
Astoria, NY
31-06 38th St

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  • Yen

    I thought I lost evthyering in my computer when it decided to die on me before backing it up. After buying a newer/refurbished one, Gary took my drive from the old one and put it in the new one for me, which gave me back all of my important and cherished files along with having much more space in the new one! He showed me step by step how to copy files to the new drive and such. I would have been lost and so upset if Gary didn’t come to the rescue! The man knows his stuff!!


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