Should I buy new MacBook 2015

Should you buy the new Macbook

How to decide: should you buy brand new MacBook 2015 with 12-inch Retina display or not? Which is better: MacBook 2015 or updated Air? I’m not best in written English maybe but I’m good in everything computer related, that is why I guess my opinion on the subject might have some value.

Lately I can’t go anywhere without being asked for some laptop recommendation, everyone seem to be thinking about getting a new one and wonder if the new MacBook is worth buying when it’s available soon.

Is new MacBook worth it?

New MacBook is amazingly designed, incredibly light and compact, but is it good and worth buying?

In this article, I want to show you what new MacBook is good at, why you may want it and what is better. And what it might like from a MacBook Air or Pro with Retina display user going to the new device.

New MacBook

New MacBook is very hard to dislike, Apple says it’s the future of the notebook and I can’t disagree. However, would you benefit from owning one today? The answer may vary depending on what you’re going to use it for.

I am not going to write about new trackpad and “gorgeous, crisp and sharp” 12-inch Retina display. It is more about tech specs that influence your everyday work the most. (Well, Retina may be this kind of spec).

MacBook 2015 Internals

When it comes to performance, the new MacBook with Core M processor should be slower than Apple MacBook Air 2014 and the new Air 2015 with Intel Broadwell processors by 10-50% in various scenarios and 8 GB of RAM won’t help much.

There are no formal benchmarks now available but I can expect such results analyzing the various tests of Core i5 Broadwell U processors, MacBook Air 2014 and Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro with nearly the same Core M processor the new MacBook has.

It means that with MacBook Air you not only have indestructible battery but also can do almost anything MacBook Pro is capable of. The new MacBook 2015 is good for web, iTunes movies and editing documents but not for Photoshop or Video editing, compiling your apps and other serious stuff, although the screen must be good for that.

New MacBook Infographics

I’m a little bit to negative here but I can see no way one could get a seamless experience with the new Apple’s product. (However, I can change my opinion when the Skylake processors available later this year.)

Talking of battery life, if you going to use some heavy software on your new MacBook when you buy it, probably, it will work in Turbo Boost mode most of the time and drain your battery like some Bugatti Veyron drains its gasoline (no talking of 9 hours autonomous work).

2015 MacBook or MacBook Air? Which is better buy? (Pro maybe?)

  • In my opinion, you should only buy the new MacBook if you want to have the latest technology laptop, fanless and super-light. Moreover, you are ready to cope with some performance and battery life issues it might have, especially if browsing Facebook is not the only thing you do.
  • In case Retina display is a must I suggest that you buy MacBook Pro 13, though it is almost 2 times heavier than the new MacBook.
  • And the best MacBook for today is still Air 13 now updated. It’s performance suits almost any needs of any user, it is still compact and it’s battery life can’t be beaten.
  • But if you’re an Apple fan boy who buys just announced products no matter how good they are, the review is not for you: just go and buy it.

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