Samsung Galaxy S4 Hard Reset (i9500, i9505) [HOW TO]

There may be several reasons you might want to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S4 to factory settings. The most common are:

  • You need to reset locked Galaxy S4 smartphone (e.g. if you have forgotten your screen pattern)
  • You just want to erase all data from your smartphone, but you have access to it.

This guide covers 2 ways how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4 whether it is locked or not. The first method might also help if the phone won’t boot.

Important: after hard reset all data on your smartphone will be lost!

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4 if it is locked with screen pattern or PIN

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S4

First, if your smartphone is locked and you can’t unlock it because you’ve forgotten the screen pattern, your Google account password or it isn’t connected to the Internet, switch your Galaxy S4 off, then:

  1. Press and hold Volume down and Home buttons, then press the Power button and hold it until the phone vibrates, then release it, but kip holding Volume down and Home.
  2. When the screen with green android appears, release all buttons.
  3. In Samsung Galaxy S4 recovery mode menu use Volume Up/Volume Down buttons to choose Wipe data/Factory Reset and then press Power button to confirm hard reset. Galaxy S4 recovery mode

After the above is done, your Samsung Galaxy S4 will reset to its factory settings.

How to reset your phone from Settings menu

Confirm Samsung Galaxy S4 hard reset

If you have access to your phone, you may use settings menu to hard reset it. Here is how to make this:

  1. In notifications area tap the Settings icon and select Backup and reset there
  2. Tap on Reset phone and Erase all data
  3. Tap OK to perform a hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy S4
When the procedure is completed, you will have your phone as it was when first bought.

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