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5 ways to send large files over the Internet

Sending large files via the internet can be problematic. Most email services have limits on the size of files that can be attached and sent. Of course, there are online file transfer services you can use, but most of these services charge a fee. In this article, we’ll review some large file transfer methods that […]

3 ways to make bootable Windows 8.1 USB flash drive

In these step by step instructions, I will describe the process of creating an installation USB in three different ways. First, I will briefly describe the official way that Microsoft offers and then the other two, which will work if you already have a Windows 8.1 ISO on your computer.

Create Windows 8.1 Installation USB drive

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free review

In this article, we’ll review Easeus Data Recover Wizard. Overall, we found this DR utility easy to use and we feel its ranking in the top ten for DR packages is well-deserved.

The user has the option of a free or paid version; the only difference between the two is that the free version limits the user to 2Gb of data and does not allow the creation of a bootable disk, a function that would be required should the computer fail to boot from its internal hard drive for any reason. At any rate, the free version may suffice for many users, and for those who have need of more than 2Gb, it is an effective way to try the utility before buying.

Free Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Software