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According to the iFix NY website, only two percent of computers will ever be used by second owner and over 400 million electronic items are discarded annually. Instead of perpetuating the purchase, consume, discard culture surrounding electronics, iFix NY strives to provide affordable, quick repair services for electronic devices thereby increasing the lifespan and longevity of existing electronics while reducing the need to acquire new models at ever-increasing prices.

By repairing existing devices, iFix NY claims to contribute to an environmentally conscious community while also reducing hassle, saving money, and decreasing wait times for clients. Technicians will troubleshoot and diagnose issues free of charge and then provide potential options including both computer repair and technical support services, depending on client needs.  iFix NY states, “rapid, straight-forward, reasonable repairs are our business here.”

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Range of Services

iFix NY accepts a variety of electronic devices regardless of make and model, including but not limited to: Sony, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Gateway, Acer, ASUS and Samsung. iFix NY offers data recovery services for all types of media.

Computer Repair

Computer repair services include virus, spyware, malware, and adware removal as well as software repairs and upgrades. Hardware repairs and upgrades are also available.  iFix NY accepts personal computers and also provides support for home offices and small businesses, including content and spam filters, network integration, and shared drives. Networking and wiring services are available both in-store and on-site.

Portable Device Repair

Portable devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are accepted regardless of make and model. Services for these devices include battery replacement, water damage repair, LCD replacement, as well as front glass and digitizer repair. iFix NY also offers to unlock phones, either remotely or in-store.

Audio Equipment

DJ and professional audio equipment repair and troubleshooting are also available. This includes turntables, both DJ and studio mixers, microphones, equalizers, amplifiers, speakers, midi keyboards and controllers, processors, professional players, samples, drum machines, and more. Complimentary diagnosis is offered for all types of equipment.

Client Reviews

Clients provide positive reviews of iFix NY on a whole, citing service, cost, and professionalism as of high quality and utmost importance. Same-day service for portable electronics such as smart phones and tablets is also referenced as both commonplace and appreciated. Pricing is reported as generally reasonable and adequate.</>

The location and interior of iFix NY has also contributed to positive reviews. The store is located on a side street and is quite small but boasts a well laid-out and neat interior, likely refurbished within the last few years. iFix NY also sells a variety of phone and computer accessories such as cases and cords. The atmosphere of the store is pleasant, one client claiming, “the place itself is relaxing – tea, water, video games, couches to make yourself at home while you wait for help.”

iFix Store

Some clients indicated that the store is too small and busy to be truly comfortable – this issue likely alleviated by prompt service.

iFix New York
(212) 933-4440
New York, NY
247 E 77th Street

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