How to hard reset HTC One S

This guide shows how to hard reset your HTC One S smartphone to factory settings. It may help you if the phone got locked and you don’t remember your screen pattern, if it doesn’t boot or maybe you just want to erase all data from it.

Important: when performing a hard reset on HTC One S all user data is lost, including apps, photos, documents, contacts, music (if it is not synchronized with cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox).

Hard reset locked HTC One S smartphone

HTC One S Hard Reset buttons

If your HTC One S is locked with a pin or screen pattern and you cannot unlock it, you may hard reset it from a special recovery menu. Here is how to make it:

  1. Switch off your phone
  2. Press and hold Volume down and Power buttons. Release them when the bottom touch buttons flash.
  3. Press and hold the same buttons again until a recovery menu appears.
  4. Use Volume Up/Volume Down buttons to select Wipe/Factry reset from menu. Press Power button shortly to select the item from recovery menu.
Factory reset from HTC One S recovery menu

After you have confirmed the action, your HTC One S will reset itself to factory settings and reboot.

How to perform a factory reset from settings menu


If you have full access to your phone there is an easier way to perform a hard reset on HTC One S, just follow these steps below:

  1. Open the upper notifications area and tap Settings icon
  2. Navigate to Backup and Reset item in menu
  3. Tap Reset Phone and confirm hard reset and/or wipe all data from HTC One S.
After successful reset your phone will reboot with default factory settings.

What is hard reset

Hard reset is a term used to describe an action with your smartphone that erases all data and settings and resets it to initial settings. You get your phone as it was the first time you turned it on, except the one difference: if you have updated Android to newer version on HTC One S, you will get it after hard reset, not the older one.

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