Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free review

Free Easeus Data Recovery Wizard SoftwareIn this article, we’ll review Easeus Data Recover Wizard. Overall, we found this DR utility easy to use and we feel its ranking in the top ten for DR packages is well-deserved.

The user has the option of a free or paid version; the only difference between the two is that the free version limits the user to 2Gb of data and does not allow the creation of a bootable disk, a function that would be required should the computer fail to boot from its internal hard drive for any reason. At any rate, the free version may suffice for many users, and for those who have need of more than 2Gb, it is an effective way to try the utility before buying.

Easeus Data Recovery Procedure

Download the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard from the official website: http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/free-data-recovery-software.htm. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is certified for Windows 8.0, 8.1, Windows 7, and XP as well as the Mac OS X.

Easeus Data Recovery Software

And here’s what it says about the potential of Data Recovery Wizard on the official website:

  • Data Recovery Wizard Free is the best solution for all problems with lost data: recover files from your hard drive, external drives, memory cards, camera or phone. Recovery is still possible after formatting, deletion, or corruption of a hard drive by viruses.
  • Supports three modes of operation:
    • recover deleted files, preserving both name and the path;
    • full recovery after formatting, re installing the system, improper shutdown power viruses;
    • recover lost partitions on the disk when Windows says the disk is not formatted or the flash drive is not shown in Windows Explorer.
  • The ability to recover your photos, documents, videos, music, files and other file types.

So there you have it. In general, as we might expect, the sales pitch tells us that is suitable for just about anything. With that in mind, I decided to put it to the test, attempting to restore the data on my flash drives.

A Trial Run of Data Recovery Wizard Free

To test the operation of the program I prepared a pre-formatted (FAT 32) USB flash drive. I copied to it a number of MS Word documents and JPG photos. Some files were in the root folder; some in sub folders.

Next, I deleted the files from the flash drive and reformatted it with NTFS to determine whether Easeus Data Recovery Wizard could recover my documents and photos.

Program main window

I found the program interface to be simple. There are only three icons to select from – Deleted File Recovery, Complete Recovery, and Partition Recovery. For my purposes, I chose Full Recovery. With this, the user has the further option of specifying the types of files to restore. The program guessed at photos and document, and I left those options intact.

File Types to recover

Next, the user selects the drive to restore from. I was using a drive I had labeled Z. After selecting the drive, I clicked “Next” to begin the lost file search process. This took a little over five minutes for 8Gb of files.

Select drive

Results: The names and sizes of all of the files that were on the flash drive were displayed in a familiar tree structure. To reconstruct the files, I just ckicked “Recover.” (Note: you cannot restore data to the same drive you’re restoring from.)


Scanning for lost files

I experienced no problems. All files were restored and I was able to open the MS Word documents and JPG photos. This sample test was not difficult by any means: the flash drive was not corrupted. With that said, for cases of simple formatting and deletion of files, this program is ideal.