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Business owner and head technician Mike started the Brooklyn PC Clinic in 2003 after working in the field of business development and sales with large multinational companies such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).  The Brooklyn PC Clinic’s business is largely generated on a referral basis and, as such, customer service is paramount.

The Brooklyn PC Clinic offers are variety of services to both home users as well as local business networks that use PC computers. Both technical support and hardware repair are offered by appointment in the office space, on client or home sites, and via pre-authorized remote connection to client computers.

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Range of Services

Services offered by the Brooklyn PC Clinic include: data backup and recovery; installation and support of wired and wireless networks; software upgrades; hardware upgrades and repair; both wired and wireless network set up and troubleshooting; as well as the detection and removal of spyware, malware, and adware. The Brooklyn PC Clinic is also an authorized dealer for Lenovo, Dell, and Sony computers and supports all Windows PC’s, iPhones, iPads, and network-connected devices included home theatres, Roku boxes, and Apple TV.

Support and Advice

Mike and the Brooklyn PC Clinic are “committed to providing prompt, reliable, and effective computer support [with fast] response times and appointments typically scheduled for same day or next day.”  Additionally, preventative advice and a proactive approach are key facets of the operations mandate. Mike focuses on keeping clients aware of technological developments and advancements in computers and electronics as they happen in order to ensure clients are “computing in a stable, safe, and secure environment.”

In fact, a multitude of information and troubleshooting tips are available free of charge on the Brooklyn PC Clinic’s website. This outlines the basic steps potential clients can take to alleviate their own concerns without engaging with a technician at all – a service many other repair shops and service providers perform at cost. This section of the site provides a broad range of valuable information that consumers may not be privy to including, but not limited to, location and access instructions for the latest software updates; tips and tricks on how to avoid e-mail scams and phishing; access to cloud-based storage for an extremely reasonable rate hosted by the Brooklyn PC Clinic; anti-virus tips, and how to backup and recovery recently lost information.

Client Reviews

Reviews of the Brooklyn PC Clinic are strikingly positive and satisfied. Clients state that Mike himself often handles their requests and is available to perform a variety of services in a variety of different locations – that is in office, on site, or via authorized remote connection. Across the board, price points are deemed to be reasonable, particularly when considering the timeline in which these services are often requested.

The majority of clients appear to be repeat customers, often accessing Mike and the Brooklyn PC Clinic initially in a professional capacity with their business network and then returning to have personal electronic devices serviced. Technicians are described as patient and thorough, always taking the time to thoroughly explain issues, options, and proactive steps to be taken. Finally, the Brooklyn PC Clinic is noted as highly responsive to e-mails and phone calls. Customer service and excellent follow up appear to be paramount in the Brooklyn PC Clinic’s success.

Brooklyn PC Clinic
(917) 279-8313
Brooklyn, NY
557 3rd Street, #4

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